Everything you need to know about Channel 4’s online TV service, from how to use it to what you can watch.

Channel 4’s online TV service – now renamed All 4 (though you may think of it as 4oD) – allows you to catch-up on programmes, stream live channels and dip into the archives to watch older shows, such as Father Ted and Shameless.
What can I watch on All 4?

On Demand/Catch-up: All 4 enables you to watch recently-shown programmes on Channel 4 channels over the internet, as well as browse a large library of archive and online exclusive programmes. Due to rights agreements some content isn’t available, such as US shows and Film 4 movies.

Tips & Tricks

 TV guide: To find something to watch, you can use All 4’s in-built TV Guide to browse forward up to seven days and see what’s on across Channel 4, E4, More 4, 4 Seven, Film 4 and 4 Music. Some programmes are available to watch live, or you can go back up to seven days in the guide to catch up on already broadcast programmes.

Recommendations: All 4 is all about helping you find things to watch. It’s homepage is filled with curated selections of notable recent programmes and themed collections. Just like other catch-up services, All 4 enables you to search for programmes, actors or terms to find things to watch.

Box sets: Boxsets allow you to watch entire series of shows. All 4 has a special section that attractively presents various different boxsets, including dramas, comedy and documentaries. For longer running shows, there could be multiple series available for you to binge on.

My 4: Depending on the All 4 version you’re using, you can sign up to a free My 4 account and this stores your favourited content and gives you personalised recommendations of things to watch. Also, if you start an on-demand programme but start doing something else, you can easily resume your viewing from the My 4 tab when you’re ready.

Audio description: Along with subtitles on a large proportion of its programmes, Channel 4 also has a lot of content on All 4 with audio description. All 4 even has an entire section dedicated to this that presents programmes with a voice narrating the action for blind or visually impaired users.

All 4 tech tips: To avoid endless buffering on All 4, the faster your broadband speed the better – we’d advise you to have at least 2Mbps to get a good experience.