A VPN connects your PC, Mac, Tablet or other device to the Internet through another computer. You’re connecting to the Internet through another computer’s Internet connection, rather than directly through your own. Aside from that, the VPN also encrypts the data you send, so that it’s kept secure.

Why Would I Need A VPN?

In its most basic form, a VPN offers users a way to connect to the Internet securely and privately. By connecting to a VPN service first before being routed to the Internet address you’re heading to, your location is known only to the VPN provider.

What will it unblock?

Our VPN service will unblock many geo blocked content including U free-view channels, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5 plus many more blocked sites.


If you’ve ever wondered about governments or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) snooping on everything you were doing online, then a VPN is absolutely for you. Did you know that in many countries, your ISP can sell your browsing history to marketing and advertising agencies? And that if requested by many governments, they are legally bound to hand over logs of your online activity? Our service has a zero logs policy!

Will Using A VPN Keep My Information Safe?

One of the key elements of a VPN that makes it so desirable is security. In a VPN connection, all the data you send and receive is encrypted. So, if anyone were to try to intercept the data you’re sending, that encryption would keep you safe (or at least, safer than if it were transmitted without encryption).

 No Logging Policy

This is something that needs to be taken note of, since not all VPNs have a no logging policy. Logs are history files record your Internet traffic history. If logs are not kept, obviously the VPN service provider can’t sell it or hand it over to any government or law enforcement agency, right?